Fundraising Dinner – The Future of our community March 3rd with Dr. Zijad Delic

Dear community, we are only 6 weeks and $192,000 from completing our Gym and the Youth centre. Only few months ago, we were $450,000 away but so many of you contributed generously. That shows, together, we can make it happen. Imagine using the gym every day of the week and praying in the brand new section of our facility this Ramadan. We are under a crunch time. Meaning, by March 31, we need to complete the gym and the youth centre in order to receive the funding. If we don't, we risk losing it. Please support us now. We need donations. If you can give an interest free loan, that works too. But to complete by March 31, the remaining work needs to start now. Meaning we need the money now. Donations or loans.